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What Features Do I Need With My New Dash Cam?

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A dash cam is an inexpensive investment that can help you in disputes with other motorists after an accident and might also allow you to record events that you don't want to forget. If you're purchasing a dash cam, it's important to choose the right type so that you'll be able to easily record everything you want to.

Storage Space

When choosing a dash cam, one of the most important factors to take into consideration is the amount of storage that your dash cam has. Some dash cams can only store data for a few hours. The amount of data you'll need depends on your needs and how often you drive. 

There are also some dash cam companies that will provide you with free unlimited cloud storage for the most important data that you store that is recorded from your camera. You can then download any data that you need.

Automatic Recording

Some dash cams require that you start the camera manually before they begin recording. However, this can be a problem if you're forgetful. It's better to use a dash cam that will automatically start recording then you start driving. Make sure you also know whether you need to delete data manually or if the camera will use loop recording and will continuously delete the oldest data.

Camera Resolution

The quality of the images produced by the dash cam needs to be high enough to be usable. For example, if you will be sending footage to an insurance provider, the footage needs to be good enough to where the insurance provider will be able to make out the details.

The highest resolution your dash cam can be in is 4k. However, if you are trying to save money and if you think this is overkill, full HD 1080p can be good enough. The higher the resolution, the more expensive it will be to store the footage because higher-resolution footage uses up more storage space.

Special Features

Some dash cams come with special features such as parking mode. With this mode, your dash cam will record when your vehicle is parked, and you will be able to see if someone hits your parked car and share the footage with law enforcement if the driver leaves the scene. Dash cams can also be set up to send alerts when an accident occurs so that your emergency contact knows that you need help.

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16 November 2022