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Proactive Ideas For Improving Propane Delivery Services For Your Customer Base

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Propane is a favorite heating fuel for American homes. But in addition to providing safe, comforting heat, propane also provides fuel for food preparation, heating water, and running some appliances, such as clothes dryers, and off-grid refrigeration equipment. Propane is also used on farms and ranches to power electrical generators, provide supplemental heat in barns and sheds, and to handle necessary crop production tasks, such as drying grain to improve its ability to be safely stored. 

With all this demand, propane suppliers may find themselves overwhelmed, especially during long periods of freezing weather that can greatly increase demand for more frequent deliveries. Propane suppliers who are struggling to keep up with a growing work load can use the following tips help keep their customers happy and their delivery schedules more manageable. 

Create incentives for customers to purchase more propane during the off-peak purchase period

The opportunity to save money is an excellent incentive to change the way that customers purchase any product and propane is no exception. Dealers who find themselves swamped with winter deliveries and twiddling their thumbs during the warm summer months may want to consider retraining their customers to fill their tanks well before winter arrives by offering incentives, such as a few cents per gallon discount. To make sure that this is cost-effective for the dealer and will actually help to lessen the work load when winter arrives, set parameters for this incentive that require customers to purchase at least few hundred gallons in order to get the better price point. This can also be a great time to ask customers with small tanks to replace them with a larger one. 

Set up delivery schedules that work for both customers and the propane dealer 

Propane deliveries can be scheduled ahead of time through companies like the one represented at Drivers can fill several tanks in a specific area with each trip. Since this can result in a significant reduction in the cost of each delivery as well as more efficient usage of time, propane delivery companies can work with their customers to track their location, tank size, and past propane usage figures to help determine a schedule for filling their tank during routine deliveries, instead of having to send a truck out to fill a single tank in a remote area because the customer forgot to order a propane delivery. 

To determine what changes in propane delivery schedules or added incentives will work well for both your business and your customer's needs, propane companies may want to consider doing some informational mailings and adding a discussion section to their website, as well arming their drivers with information they can present to customers at each stop. 


28 February 2018