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Custom Circle Stickers For Music-Related Businesses To Order

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Stickers are a simple and affordable promotional tool that can benefit all sorts of businesses. If you operate a business, finding a printing company that can design and print stickers with your branding information makes for an easy product to hand out to your customers — perhaps after they spend a certain amount of money while making an order. Printing companies can produce custom stickers in many shapes, including circles of virtually every size. If you operate a music-related business, here are some sticker designs to consider.

Vinyl Record

Many vinyl record stores are alive and well in today's economy, thanks to music aficionados' love of collecting and listening to vinyl. If you own a record shop, it can be fun to order custom circle stickers that are designed to look like a vinyl record. Your printing company can make the record look as realistic as possible, and then include your store's details — such as your name, physical address, and website — on the label area of the record. Your customers will enjoy affixing this type of sticker to various objects, including their record crates and turntables.

Microphone Grill

Another music-related image that can work well as a circle sticker is a microphone grill. This is the round part of the microphone into which someone sings, and has an easily recognizable design with small pieces of metal running in a criss-cross manner. If you run a music equipment rental company or perhaps even a company that exclusively sells microphones, your printing company can design your sticker so that its background depicts a microphone grill. Your brand details can then appear in front of the microphone grill.

Guitar Sound Hole

When you look at the sound hole of an acoustic guitar, you'll commonly see that the majority of the hole looks dark, but there's some decorative trim around the perimeter. This is another circle shape that your printing company can use as the background of custom circle stickers for your business. Perhaps you're a luthier who works on stringed instruments as a side business, or maybe you run a local guitar shop. Any guitar player will instantly recognize the distinctive appearance of an acoustic guitar's sound hole, so people will be excited to receive one of your stickers. As always, your branding details can appear in the center of the design. Contact a local printing company that specializes in custom circle stickers to discuss these ideas for your music-related business. 


17 January 2023