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Blackmail Consultations: Finding Out Your Options

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Blackmail is often dramatically played out in movies, tv shows, and books. The issue is that when blackmail is used against you or your business in your real daily life, it may feel hopeless. In fact, you may be inclined to go ahead and do what the blackmailer asks. Before you give in to this, you should consider scheduling an appointment for a blackmail consultation with a lawyer. Here are some of the things you should know about these consultations and what to expect. 

Type of Blackmail

The first thing your lawyer will do during a blackmail consultation is review the actual threat. This means they will need to see something that shows there was a threat, what the threat deals with, and what the blackmailer wants from you in return. This could be an email, letter, voice, or video recording. The lawyer will review the information and determine what category of blackmail is being used against you. 


Once your lawyer determines the type of blackmail you are facing, they will then discuss your options with you. Your options can vary greatly depending on if the threat is directly to you, your business, or both. In cases where the blackmail deals with your business, you may be able to go through business law and protections to protect yourself from future blackmail and remedy the case you are currently facing. If the blackmail deals with both personal and business issues you may be able to use protections for both. 

Document Preparation

The next step your lawyer takes will depend on how you want to move forward. After hearing your options, your lawyer will ask you what you would like to do. They will give you plans for moving forward and how each plan could end up or what it would require. Once you and your lawyer settle on a legal route, your lawyer will then begin with the document preparation as required. If the case goes to court, your lawyer will walk you through the proceedings. 

These are just a few of things to expect at a blackmail consultation. Keep in mind, you do have options. Depending on the type of blackmail you are facing, your lawyer can give you the options and how to proceed. There are many forms of blackmail, however, your lawyer is skilled in what to look for and how to save you from the trauma that blackmail can cause. For more information about blackmail consultation services, reach out to a local lawyer, such as Frank Ahearn.


27 May 2022