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Hello, my name is Pamela Flowers. I am very glad you have found my website focused on HR. I have always felt that HR departments get a bad reputation. There are some HR departments that make life difficult for the workforce, but this doesn't have to be the case. I have stayed abreast on the changing world of HR and it is really amazing how some HR departments are training employees and the creative ways that they recognize the achievements of these employees. So in defense of HR, I have decided to create a blog that covers all the great work they often do.

Why Nursing Is Such a Stable Career

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When it comes to jobs these days it seems like the market is constantly evolving at such a rate that it is impossible to find a job that will last more than five years. Whole companies can pivot their business strategy and make you obsolete in a matter of weeks due to advances in technology, and even industries that were thought to be American staples like car manufacturing and mining seem to be on the way out as well. However, despite all these crises, nursing has remained an extremely stable and accessible job that can last a career if you want it to.

Nursing Classes

Entering the nursing field is easier than other forms of medicine, which is great for those who didn't do so great in high school or who are coming in as mature-age students. Nursing classes cater to all different levels of the community, and there are some run at night as well, to ensure that if you work during the day you can still get your education. Some even offer scholarships and financial assistance because the government constantly needs more quality nurses, so it is one of the few avenues of education that doesn't have to put you into a lot of debt! Check out local nursing classes to learn more. 

Impossible to Replace

Unlike so many industries that come and go, nurses are virtually impossible to replace. If anything, more nurses are needed now than ever before as the entire healthcare system recovers from the shock that was COVID-19. That pandemic reinforced how valuable nurses are to the community, as they provided the bulk of the legwork when it comes to the treatment of those in hospitals. No computer or robot could take the place of a nurse, which is why nursing classes are one of the best entryways into what could be a decades-long career.

Chance to Advance 

Nursing might seem like a fairly static job, but there are always different avenues for you to advance should you want to. From working up the ranks within the first hospital you got placement at, to starting your own healthcare clinic, nursing can be what you make of it. Some even find joy in going overseas and helping out less fortunate communities or working in the army or one of the other branches of the military. You can travel and work virtually anywhere with a good nursing degree, as every country in the world recognizes this as one of the most fundamental jobs there is. 


24 September 2021