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What Alterations Can Be Made To Skirts?

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If you are someone who wears skirts to work, then, of course, you want those skirts to fit well and look professional. Sometimes, this is just not possible with a skirt that comes straight off the rack. In order to get a better fit, you may need to have alterations made by a professional tailor. But what alterations can a tailor make to a skirt? Here's a look.

Shortening or Lengthening the Skirt

If the skirt hits you at an awkward spot, such as right at the back of your knees, then you may want to have it shortened just a little. Often, a tailor can also lengthen a skirt up to an inch or so. Higher-quality skirts, especially, are made with bigger hems so that they can be let out and lengthened a little, if needed.

Taking in the Sides

Sometimes a skirt will fit you around the waist, but it will be a little too wide further down, making it look sloppy or baggy. Your tailor can add some tucks and stitches along the sides to bring the material in a little bit so the skirt looks more fitted and professional.

Taking in the Waist

If you are someone with a smaller waist, then you may need to size up your skirt to get it to fit around your hips comfortably — but then, you are left with a baggy waistband. A tailor can add some darts to make the waistband smaller while keeping the taper from the waistband to the hips intact.

Adding a Zipper

Some skirts are made to be pull-on, but depending on how you are built, you may have a tough time pulling them on. A tailor can add a zipper and a button closure to the skirt, making it easier to take on and off.

Adding Embellishments

Have you ever found a skirt that is shaped nicely and fits well, but that looks a little plain to you? Most tailors are happy to add minor embellishments to skirts upon request. For example, they can add some accent stitching in a different color along the bottom. They can add a couple of rhinestones to the pocket or some stylish buttons to the closure.

If you have a skirt that is almost what you want, but not quite, then visit a tailor. They can easily make some alterations, leaving you with the perfect skirt after all. 


22 April 2021