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3 Features To Look For When Buying Aircraft Catering Trucks

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Many airlines offer their passengers access to in-flight meals during long flights. These meals are prepared off-site, then delivered and loaded onto a plane prior to each flight where meals will be served. Specialized aviation catering trucks are required to complete the delivery process. It's important that you purchase the right catering trucks if you want the transfer of your in-flight meals to go smoothly.

Look for the features that will ensure your catering trucks will work for your airline over time.

1. Truck Size

Aviation catering trucks come in a wide range of sizes. You must purchase a truck that is sized appropriately to service your planes. The size of the truck you purchase must be based on the size of the planes that you will be loading with in-flight meals. A truck that is too small will not be able to reach the loading bay of the aircraft, but a truck that is too large can be a waste of resources. Identify the largest plane you intend to service, then purchase a catering truck that will meet that plane's measurements.

2. Rust-Resistant

Aviation catering trucks need to be able to operate effectively in all types of weather. While most trucks can safely navigate wet or snowy roads, not all trucks are manufactured to withstand corrosion when exposed to moisture. You want to invest in aviation catering trucks that have been finished with a protective coating to guard against rust. Powder-coated or galvanized steel components are capable of retaining their integrity no matter how much moisture they contact.

Ensuring that your catering trucks are made from rust-resistant components will make sure that your trucks enjoy a long and productive service life.

3. Trolley Capacity

Another important feature to consider when purchasing aviation catering trucks is the trolley capacity. Investing in trucks that are large enough to carry all of the in-flight meals needed for a single aircraft can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to unload meals from the truck and load them into the aircraft.

Generally, the size of the plane will help determine how many food trolleys your catering trucks should house. However, you should be sure that you allow for some overage since most flights carry several extra in-flight meals.

The right aviation catering trucks can streamline the loading of in-flight meals into an aircraft. Be sure that you are building a fleet of trucks that are sized appropriately, can withstand corrosion, and have the cargo capacity to meet your needs. Contact a company that provides aircraft catering trucks for more information. 


30 December 2020