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Signs No Longer Doing Their Job? How To Choose The Right Business Signs

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If your business isn't attracting as many customers as it once did, there may be a simple explanation. Your signs may no longer be attracting the right kind of attention. In fact, your signs may not be attracting any attention at all. Unfortunately, the wrong signs can spell disaster for your business. If it's time for new signs, make sure you get the right ones for your business. If you're not sure how to choose signs for your commercial building, take a look at the information provided below. This information will help you choose the right signs for your commercial building. 

Draw Attention

If customers aren't coming into your business, your signs may not be the attention-grabbers you need them to be. That's where blade signs come into the picture. Blade signs are mounted directly to a frame on the outside of your building. The frame design allows them to capture the attention of passersby. One of the great things about blade signs is that you can change the signs without changing the frame. The frame remains permanently attached to your building. 

Provide Illumination

If your commercial building isn't visible once the sun goes down, you need to light things up. If your current signs aren't illuminated, your commercial building isn't as visible as it needs to be. That's where face-lit channel letter signs come in handy. With ordinary lighted signs, the entire surface lights up in unison. But, with face-lit channel letter signs, each letter lights up independently, providing bright illumination. 

Ensure Old-School Appeal

If you want to give your business a touch of old-school appeal, choose neon signs for your commercial building. You might have thought that neon signs had gone out of style, but that's not the case. Neon signs are still the perfect choice when you want to give your commercial building a truly unique design. Best of all, neon signs are completely customizable, which means you can design the perfect sign for your business. 

Avoid Getting Lost in the Shuffle

Finally, if your business is located in a commercial park, and it's not visible from the main street, you might find yourself getting lost in the shuffle. Unfortunately, this can happen when commercial buildings don't have street-side access. The best way to regain your visibility is to choose a monument sign. Monument signs are designed for street-front view, which means passersby will see your sign and know that you're located inside the commercial complex. 

Reach out to a professional who provides business signs to learn about your options. 


30 November 2020