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An Energy Strategy For Your Business Needs

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Operating machinery, heating and cooling individual work areas, and using lighting all contribute to your company's daily energy consumption. Knowing what type of rate you are being charged and implementing some savings strategies will aid in keeping costs manageable.

Your Energy Provider

Your energy provider will furnish a consumption report, which provides a listing of the current charges, how much energy is used each month, and peak usage times. In some jurisdictions, there are several energy providers available for commercial and residential customers.

These suppliers are both public utility operations and private entities and the rates that are charged could differ. Compare rates from each supplier who serves the region where your business is set up and either keep your existing energy service or switch to one that will be more cost-effective.

Metered Readings, Estimates, And Payment Plans

If you tend to have your accounts payable department handle the paying of the utility bill each month, you may have overlooked some of the past bills and not be aware of how much you have been spending. Use an online billing setup, which eliminates paper bills and gives you full control of your company's utility bill. If you are unaware of how bill amounts are determined, contact your supplier's billing department.

Metered readings include having an electric technician perform a reading in person or a virtual reading, which will be performed by an individual who is at the electric company. Estimates are another common billing practice and will be provided based upon your average energy consumption. More than one estimate may be implemented each year and this amount should be in line with what you typically pay during a normal billing cycle.

Some electric providers offer payment plans, which will allow you to break up your payment on a monthly basis so that each charge is the same amount. Find out about all of the services that are available to commercial customers and choose the ones that will help you keep your bill at a consistent amount.

Practices That Save Money

Keeping doors and windows well-insulated and ensuring that entryways remain closed during the summer and the winter will help keep the temperature within your business regulated. Clean power equipment, change air filters, and use a thermostat to aid in the prevention of overtaxing equipment and to eliminate the waste of energy, which could drive up the cost of your utility bills.

For more information about business energy rates, contact a local energy provider today.


14 October 2020