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3 Reasons To Use A V-Blade Snow Plow

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If you're in the market for a new snow plow to mount on to your truck, then you can choose between a regular straight-blade plow and a V-blade design. While straight plows clear snow effectively, there are times when a hinged V-blade is better.

What are the advantages of working with this kind of plow?

1. Get More Versatility

A straight-blade plow has some limitations. It tends to clear snow directly ahead of the blade, and you don't have as much control over how the blade is positioned and how it works.

A V-blade is more versatile. For a start, you can use it in much the same way as a straight-blade model. If you keep the blade open and fixed, then it does the same job as a straight plow.

However, the two sides of this blade are hinged and moveable. You can control the position of both sides to get the exact position you need. This makes it easier to work in tight spots where a straight blade might not fit or where it might cause peripheral damage.

You can also scoop snow with most V-blade plows. This helps you move snow rather than just push it along the ground if you need to.

2. Get More Plowing Strength

Not all snow is easy to shift. While a straight-blade plow may not have any problems moving softer banks, it might struggle on harder snow that is heavily compacted. You'll have to spend more time pushing at the snow to break it down. This puts pressure on your truck and the plow.

V-blade plows tend to have more strength. You can set the blades to cut through compacted snow to break it up a little. It then becomes much easier to clear away. Once the snow breaks up, you can open up the blades again and simply plow it away.

3. Get a Faster Plow

Nobody wants to spend too much time clearing snow. In some cases, this may be a time-critical job. If you need to clear a road, then you want to work as quickly as possible to make it fit and safe for traffic again.

A V-blade plow can work much more quickly than a regular model. It can handle tricky areas with ease. So you should be able to get the job done faster.

To find out more about the benefits of installing a truck-mounted V-blade snow plow, contact local suppliers and ask about suitable products.


21 September 2020