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Create Two Definitive Activity Areas For A Large Party

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The adults who will be attending your party may plan on dancing and singing karaoke, but the children and teens may have age-themed activities that they would like to participate in themselves. One way to avoid confusion and set up a nice area that each age range can enjoy is by renting dual tents, which can be set up within view of one another.

Pole Or Frame?

Pole tents are supported by posts that are plunged down into the ground and frame tents contain lightweight, sturdy fabric that is supported by the base pieces that are designed to rest on a flat surface.

The amount of space needed for everyone and the size of your yard should be assessed. For instance, if you have planned to set up an art and game table, relay races, and a ball pit inside of the children's tent, you will need to determine if center poles could obstruct the party guests while they are competing or switching to another activity.

With activities that are going to require a lot of movement, omitting poles and choosing an open and airy tent style may be better. Your property is another concern. Pole tents require more room for setup purposes than frame tents and the extra space that is used to pull rope or twine outward and push poles into the ground could alter how much outdoor space you will have for your guests to use. A rectangle-shaped yard can still accommodate the tents, but you may need to have them set up lengthwise, instead of side by side.

Separate Decor And Furnishings?

If you would like to set up themed displays that are reflective upon the activities or guests who will be spending time in either tent, order some vinyl banners or design your own signage and decor, which can be displayed near the entrance to each tent.

A sandwich board and a group of balloons can be used to highlight each entryway and you can use markers or felt letters and numbers to decorate the sandwich board with a brief description of each activity that will be held under a tent.

Even though the older and younger guests may decide to spend most of their time under the tent that is geared more toward them, you can intertwine the festivities by creating a single dining area. If one of the tents is going to have some extra room along one end of it, rent furnishings from the party tent rental supplier. Picnic tables or long tables that will accommodate many chairs will provide your guests with an adequate seating area.


25 August 2020