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3 Ways A Private Disability Insurance Policy Can Complement Federal Benefits

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Adding a private disability insurance policy to your existing benefits as a federal employee can strengthen your financial safety net. In the event that you become disabled while you are employed by the federal government, a private disability insurance policy will help supplement any income you receive through other benefit resources.

A private policy is designed to help fill in critical gaps that might exist in your employee insurance policy. Consider the following three ways that you can customize a private policy to help complement your federal disability benefits in the future.

1. The Addition of a Rehabilitation Rider

An individual filing for disability benefits has sustained a serious injury that interferes with their ability to work. If your injury is so severe that it will prevent you from ever returning to your original line of work, you may find yourself searching for a new career.

A rehabilitation rider on a private disability insurance policy will help pay for any vocational training that you will need to pursue a new career path after any major injury. This money can help you receive the education and hands-on experience that you will need to secure a new job after becoming disabled.

2. Access to Partial or Residual Coverage

You may find that your federal employee disability coverage isn't enough to match the income you brought home prior to an injury. Having a private disability insurance policy can help you bridge the gap by offering partial or residual coverage.

Partial benefits can be paid out if you have to cut your hours as a result of your injury. This distribution of partial benefits allows you to continue supporting your family despite a reduction in hours or an inability to work the same high-paying position you filled prior to your injury.

3. The Option for a Future Purchase

Your circumstances are continually evolving, and private insurance providers understand this fact. One of the greatest benefits you will receive when you invest in private disability insurance is the ability to increase your coverage without issue in the future.

Some situations that might warrant an increase in your benefits coverage include a promotion to a higher paying position or the addition of children to your family.

You won't have to go through the underwriting process a second time to increase your secondary coverage through a private insurance provider if you already have a private disability insurance policy in place.

To learn more, contact a resource like Fed Disablility Gov.


21 May 2020