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A Look At The Pros And Cons Of Drip Hydration Therapy Services

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There is nothing good about feeling dehydrated. Not only can dehydration make your body feel really sluggish, but being dehydrated can also make you more susceptible to things like illness and disease. IV hydration drip therapy is one of the quickest ways to get fluids into your body. Take a look at some of the pros and cons of drip hydration therapy.

Pro: You get hydrated faster than you would if you were to simply drink fluids. 

Drinking regular fluids when you are feeling dehydrated will definitely help rehydrate your body, but the process takes longer than it does if you opt for drip hydration therapy services. When the fluids you need are injected directly into your bloodstream, they bypass the digestive system and get the electrolytes into your system quickly. You can stop in, get your treatment in a short time period, and be on your way while feeling refreshed and rehydrated. You may have to drink fluids all day to achieve the same effect at home.

Con: An IV has to be inserted to receive the therapy. 

For people who have issues with needles, IV hydration therapy may not always be the best solution. For the fluids to be delivered, a needle is inserted intravenously, which will usually be either in your hand or at the bend of your arm. There can be some slight discomfort at the injection site temporarily, but the discomfort tends to pass rather quickly. 

Pro: Hydration IV drip therapy helps you when you can't keep anything on your stomach. 

Typical stomach viruses or bouts of mild food poisoning often lead to not being able to keep any fluids on your stomach, which is why there is such a risk of dehydration during these illnesses. When you obtain drip hydration therapy, the fluids you need bypass the stomach and go right to the bloodstream, so your body gets the valuable fluids you need without making you feel like you need to vomit because of your volatile stomach. 

Con: Drip hydration therapy is slightly inconvenient. 

When you are dehydrated, you can sip on water from home or work without interrupting anything about your day. Naturally, IV drip hydration has to be done by a licensed professional, which means you will have to either go to a clinic or reach out to an IV therapy professional who offers mobile services that will come to you.

For more information, contact a drip hydration therapy service in your area.


12 December 2019