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Hello, my name is Pamela Flowers. I am very glad you have found my website focused on HR. I have always felt that HR departments get a bad reputation. There are some HR departments that make life difficult for the workforce, but this doesn't have to be the case. I have stayed abreast on the changing world of HR and it is really amazing how some HR departments are training employees and the creative ways that they recognize the achievements of these employees. So in defense of HR, I have decided to create a blog that covers all the great work they often do.

Why You Should Contact An Inside Sales Recruiter To Boost Your Career

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An inside sales recruiter is a person who puts professional salespeople in touch with companies that have open positions. While these recruiters are often hired by said companies when they are looking to fill an open position, there's no reason you as an employee can't reach out to a recruiter and ask for assistance. Here's why you should use an inside sales recruiter to take the next big step with your career.

Some of the Best Jobs Won't Be Listed on Job Hunting Sites

Sure, you can send out your resume to any number of companies that are listing job openings on the various online directories. But in some cases, the very best jobs might not even be publicly announced. A truly premium position will require premium candidates and some companies will only consider an applicant after they have been properly vetted by a recruiter. If you can get your foot in the door with a local inside sales recruiter, you might be on the top of their mind the next time one of these top jobs comes down the pipeline. Business really is all about making connections with people and connecting with a recruiter now could pay off in the near future.

Knowing That Someone Is Already Vouching for You Can Help You Land Your Next Interview

Just blindly sending out resumes is probably not the path to success. When you can get in good with a local recruiter, this will make it clear to any company that the recruiter works with that you are a special candidate. A recruiter will not approach one of their clients and put forward a possible applicant unless the recruiter has inspected your background on their own first. You'll still have to nail the interview, of course, but sometimes just getting the company to pay attention to your resume is half the battle.

You'll Be More Prepared for the Interview

When you meet with an inside sales recruiter, you will likely be given an interview of sorts directly from them so they can fully understand your qualifications. When it's time to actually apply for a job you want, the recruiter may also be able to suggest best practices that the company you want to work for will appreciate. This will give you a leg up on interview preparation and more confidence when you walk in and sit down with your possible future boss.

Contact an inside sales recruiter to take the next step in your career today.


23 October 2019