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3 Tips To Help Keep Pests Out Of Your Self Storage Unit


Whether you are downsizing your home, need a place to store items while selling your home, or plan to travel and require a safe location for your belongings, renting a self storage unit is a very good solution. It doesn't matter if you need a self storage unit for a few weeks, several months, or even more than a year-- the last thing that you want when you open up your storage unit is to find a pest infestation. Most self storage units take the appropriate measures to do as much as possible to prevent pest issues at their facilities, but storage unit renters need to do their part to ensure that there are no pest issues. Use the following tips to help prevent pest problems in your storage unit:

Absolutely No Food Inside the Storage Unit

Pests typically infest areas where they can find food or water, so it is absolutely essential to ensure that there is no food inside your self storage unit. Do not make the mistake of storing any non-perishable food inside a storage unit, even if you think it is well-sealed. If you are planning to store any kitchen appliances, dishes, or utensils, make sure that they are absolutely clean and do not have any food debris on them. Placing items in your storage unit can be hard work, but avoid eating lunch inside your storage unit on move in day-- even small crumbs from your lunch can attract nasty pests.

Opt for Plastic Containers

Cardboard boxes are often used when a person is moving, but they are not the best container option when you will be storing belongings for an extended period of time. Pests like mice and rats can chew through cardboard and enter cardboard boxes. You are much better off investing in high-quality plastic storage containers when you plan on putting items in storage. Make sure that the plastic containers that you use have tight sealing lids. 

Keep Upholstered Items Wrapped

Before you put any type of upholstered furniture in a storage unit, take the time to tightly wrap it with plastic wrap. Doing so will help deter mice, rats, and moths from destroying the fabric. It is best to use thick plastic to wrap your upholstered furniture, and you may want to consider using several layers of plastic for extra protection. Purchasing plastic to wrap upholstered furniture may require a financial investment, but it is much better than having to deal with pests in your unit. 


9 September 2019