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Your First Handgun: 3 Tips For Getting It Right

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Obtaining a concealed carry permit allows you to ensure your personal safety, no matter where you may be. Most people who successfully complete their concealed carry coursework begin looking for a handgun that can easily be transported at all times.

The type of gun that you invest in will play a role in your comfort, safety, and confidence level when it comes to using the weapon in a dangerous situation. Give your selection careful thought before making a purchase so that you will know you have considered all factors that make a handgun the right choice for you.

1. Grip Size

The grip is the point of contact between your hands and the handgun you select. Being able to maintain a firm hold on your weapon when firing will allow you to stay on target and maximize safety. Each gun manufacturer utilizes a slightly different grip design. This means that some grips will be more comfortable in your hands than others.

Take the time to handle each handgun at your local dealer to see which grip size suits you best. Some guns have grips that can be swapped out, but others have fixed grips. Be sure that you are taking grip size into consideration when trying to find the right handgun.

2. Safety

All firearms are equipped with a safety that prevents the weapon from firing accidentally when engaged. The safety can be located in a couple of different places on a handgun. Many guns have a trigger safety. This type of safety is located behind the actual trigger and prevents the trigger from being pulled backward when locked into place.

The other type of safety you will see on a handgun is a thumb safety. The thumb safety is mounted on the rear frame of the gun. You are supposed to lock and unlock the safety using your thumb while gripping the firearm.

Some novice shooters feel more comfortable with a thumb safety, since a trigger safety is easy to deactivate without realizing it. Find the safety that works best for your shooting style, then select a handgun that features that type of safety mechanism.

3. Assembly

You will need to clean your new firearm regularly to ensure the gun works safely and efficiently. It's important that your first handgun is easy to take-down and reassemble for cleaning. If you struggle to put your gun back together again after giving it a thorough cleaning, you may find yourself avoiding this important task.

Ask your dealer to demonstrate the proper take-down and assembly procedure for each handgun so that you can determine which will be easiest for you to complete on your own. For more information, reach out to dealers that sell handguns like the Kel-Tec Pmr30 mag pistol.


29 May 2019