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Moving Across State When You're Low On Funds

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Moving is easy when you have plenty of cash to spare. You pay a moving company to handle everything, arrive to find your items all unpacked for you, and start settling in. On the other hand, if you're due to move across the state and money is tight, you have a bit more of a challenge ahead. Here are some tips to help you handle it.

Get several quotes

Although you might assume moving on your own is cheaper than hiring a moving company, this is rarely the case. Costs add up between renting a moving truck, buying boxes, and so forth. Plus, hiring a moving company saves you time so that you can go back to work sooner.

What you should not do, however, is simply hire the first moving company that you come across. Get estimates from at least three different companies, and compare them. Different companies set their prices differently, so you might get a better price from one or the other depending on where you're moving, how many large items you have, or whether you're eligible for certain discounts they offer, such as military discounts.

Sell things you don't need

At least a month before your move (or as far out as possible), start selling items you won't need anymore once you move. Not only can you then put the money from the items towards your move, but you won't have to move them, which will save you money on boxes or moving services.

Garage sales are not the only option for selling your items anymore, either. You can list them on Facebook Marketplace, bring them to a consignment store, or put them up for auction on eBay.

Cut back on "extra" moving expenses

You have to pay for your movers, and you have to pay for gas. But, there are other things you can avoid spending money on, such as expensive takeout meals every night and fancy packing tape. Skimp on the extras so you can afford the essentials.

Eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on those busy moving nights rather than ordering pizza. Buy packing supplies at the dollar store -- they're usually the same ones anyway. Use boxes you have before buying additional ones. Skimping in a few little ways can really add up to big savings.

Moving across the state when you're low on funds is a challenge, but it's often what you need to do for a fresh start. For more information, contact a company such as Affordable Moving Company.


16 May 2019