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What Are CBD And Hemp Oil Products Used For?

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Products made from cannabidiol (CBD) oil and hemp oil have become increasingly popular in recent years for treating a variety of ailments. You may be wondering, however, which uses are just sales pitches and which ones can actually help you.

Generalized Social Anxiety Disorder

A study from 2011 demonstrated that CBD oil products can be used to treat social phobias. The study tested the effects on more than 2,000 undergraduate students who were selected on the basis of a self-assessment for anxiety. They were then subjected to a simulated public speaking scenario, and it was found that those who had consumed CBD oil were more likely to be calm than those who had taken a placebo.

Severe Epilepsy

About one in three people who have epilepsy suffer from a form that's highly resistant to treatment. A study published in 2016 showed a 36 percent median reduction in motor seizures, over a twelve-week period among those who consumed hemp oil products. It's also believed that CBD oil is safe to administer to children whose epilepsy does not respond well to other forms of treatment.

Neurological Diseases

Trials are still ongoing regarding the efficacy of CBD oil in treating Huntington's disease, a neurodegenerative disorder where nerve cells break down, but there are hopeful signs. There is also some indication that CBD oil products may be able to help folks who suffer from Alzheimer's syndrome and Parkinson's disease, and they may even help with Tourette syndrome and post-traumatic stress disorders.

Anti-inflammatory Value

Particularly among people who experience chronic inflammation, CBD oil appears to offer suppressive benefits. This is particularly true in subjects whose immune systems appear to be driving runaway inflammation. The advantages for those with short-term inflammations do not appear, however, to be as clear.

Issues to Stay Aware Of

The CBD oil industry is still in its infancy, and there are continuing issues with the quality of products sold over the counter, especially in states where recreational marijuana is legal. For example, there's no legally accepted definition of what ratio of CBD oil in a product constitutes a hemp oil extract. Safety profiles for such items, however, are appropriate for their sale as supplements or for recreational use in many cases, so those looking to try them may do so with confidence. Attempt to focus, however, on finding CBD oil products that are being manufactured with high standards for consistency. To purchase CBD or hemp products, contact a legitimate distributor, such as No Rhyme or Reason Kratom Shoppe & CBD.


8 November 2018