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Gain New Members Of Your Private Golf Club And Restaurant

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If you own and operate a private golf club and restaurant and would like to acquire additional members of your establishment, providing the public with a sneak peek of what your club offers can work wonders in spreading the word about your business. Use the tactics below to gain new members:

Hire A Consultant To Discuss Marketing Strategies

Hire a consultant who has experience in preparing promotional events that are designed to gain clientele. During your meeting with a consultant, discuss the amount of new members that you are interested in acquiring and the amenities that your club offers current members. A consultant may discuss the option of advertising for a future event that is free to the public.

Perhaps you could host an informal meeting and tour that will provide guests with vital information about your business and a glimpse of the inside of the club and the grounds that it is located on. During an open house, give out fliers that contain contact information and a brief overview of your business, including membership prices so that people can read the information provided after heading home. 

Offer A Free Round Of Golf Followed By A Buffet

Advertise in local newspapers or on bulletin boards that you will be offering a free round of golf followed by a buffet to current members and any newcomers. Request that interested participants make reservations so that you can spread out golf sessions and meal times to prevent the club from becoming overcrowded and possibly discouraging people who attend the extravaganza.

Make your rounds during each golf game and meal so that you can extend your thanks to attendees and welcome newcomers to your establishment. If people are impressed by the preparations you have completed to make the golfing and buffet event a success, they may be inclined to become a permanent member of the club. 

Offer Considerable Savings

If you would like new members to experience all of the perks of becoming a member and would like to entice each person with a deal that will be hard to pass up, provide discounts to new members. During the length of time that discounts are valid, allow members to use all of the amenities that are available whenever your club is open.

If people choose to use the club on a regular basis, they may find that passing up on a permanent membership may not be something that they would like to deal with. Instead, you may find that your club is overflowing with new members and that you are earning much more money than you previously were. 

Contact a private club consulting firm for more information and assistance. 


25 November 2017