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Looking To Rent A Storage Unit? Learn What Incentives Are Often Offered When Renting One

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In many markets, there is a lot of competition among self storage unit businesses. As such, they often offer incentives to get you to rent a unit from them. Looking for a company that offers an incentive is a great way to help you save money. However, the incentives offered by one business may be better for you than the incentives offered by another company. Knowing what incentives are frequently offered will help you ask around when getting estimates for the unit and find the business that offers the incentive that makes the most sense for you. Here are a three of the most commonly offered incentives and when it makes sense for you to look for this incentive. 

First Month Discounts

One of the most commonly offered incentives when renting a unit is a first month discount. In some cases, this may be something like your first month is free, pay a $1 for your first month or your first month is half off. If you plan on renting a storage unit for only a month or two, a first month discount is the type of incentive you should be after. It helps keep your costs as low as possible during your storage period. However, keep in mind that your rates may increase dramatically after your first month discount is up, so always be sure to ask what the regular rate is and factor that in if you plan on staying for longer than one month.

Limited Month Discount

Another commonly offered incentive in the storage unit industry is the limited month discount. This often means that you will pay a reduced rate if you sign a six or 12 month agreement to rent a storage unit. This is often a good deal for those who are looking to rent out a storage unit for an extended period of time. Always compare the price of a limited month discount to regular prices to ensure the discount is really a discount. 

Free Use of a Moving Truck

The last incentive that a storage unit facility may offer if you rent from them is free use of a moving truck. Many will allow you to use a moving truck for free when you move in or move out of the unit. Always price out moving trucks in your area to determine the value of this incentive and then price out the cost of the storage unit. If you are looking to rent in a market that does not have a lot of competition or that doesn't have a lot of incentives, this may be a fair value for you. 

Keep in mind that incentives are typically only offered when a storage facility has an abundance of open units. Because of this, not every facility will offer incentives or incentives may be harder to find during busier months, such as summer. Contact a facility, like U-Stor-It, for help.


18 September 2017