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How To Save Money On The Perfect Engagement Ring

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If you're planning to propose, you may want to select the perfect engagement ring for your significant other. However, you might not be able to spend too much money. Even if you can't spend thousands of dollars on a ring, you'll still be able to find a high-quality piece at a decent rate as long as you're willing to look around at all of your options.

Check the Local Thrift Stores

Don't skip out on a chance to find a good ring at the thrift store. Most people don't realize that the majority of thrift stores carry real rings, bracelets, and other jewelry items. Some people donate old engagement rings if their marriage doesn't work out. Although there is no guarantee you'll find something you can give to your partner as an engagement ring, it doesn't hurt to look. If you find something at the local thrift store, it'll be deeply discounted because it may have been previously owned.

Take a Trip to The Pawn Shop

If you're trying to get the best possible deal on some of the most beautiful rings available, look no further than the pawn shop. The pawn shop likely has a huge selection of different rings, many of which could be just right for your partner. The reason there is often such a selection to choose from is because people pawn jewelry all the time and never come back for it. When they don't come back to claim it with the money they borrowed, it'll eventually be placed for sale to those who are shopping at the pawn shop, and that means you'll have a chance to buy a valuable piece at a discount.

Compare the Options You Find

If you end up finding a few different rings at the pawn shop, compare them right there on the spot. The final cost of the rings you're look at may depend on their condition, type of metal, type of diamonds or gemstones, and other fine details. Even if one ring costs more than you'd want to spend, there would still be dozens of other affordable rings to choose from. Even though the options are often pre-owned, they're usually in excellent condition, which is one of the reasons the pawn shop was willing to do the trade with the original owners of those items in the first place.

Save money while getting the right engagement ring. Rather than going to a jewelry store where everything is a bit more expensive, check a local thrift store or visit the pawn shop, like Pomona Pawn Shop, to see what they're offering.


18 September 2017