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Equipment to Help Make Your Concrete Demolition Project a Better Experience

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Breaking apart and removing an old concrete slab in your yard can seen like a daunting task. But with the right knowledge, tools, and help from friends or family members, the work can be made easier and safer. Here are some tips for the equipment, preparation and work you will need for making your project a less-stressful and more success one.

Demolition Tools

When breaking apart a concrete slab in your yard, you will want to consider the size of the job and your ability when you choose your demolition tools. A sledgehammer to break apart concrete can weigh around twelve pounds, which you will need to be able to handle to repeatedly slam into the concrete for removal.

For a larger project you may consider renting a hydraulic or electric compressor-powered jackhammer. A jackhammer powered with its own trailer-mounted air compressor will give you more power for demolishing thicker or larger slabs of concrete. Keep in mind a compressor-powered jackhammer can weigh up to approximately 90 pounds, and you will need to be able to hold the jackhammer upright and maneuver it over the surface of the concrete as its tip breaks the concrete apart. You can rent a jackhammer with an air compressor at most equipment rental businesses.

In addition to a sledgehammer or jackhammer, you will need a pry bar and a mattock to pry up and pull concrete chunks apart. Then, if you are breaking apart concrete that was originally set with rebar, you will need a pair of bolt cutters to cut the rebar sections apart.

Loading and Disposal Equipment

As you break apart a concrete slab on your property for disposal, you need to take into account the weight of the concrete pieces. Moving the concrete chunks from the site and into your disposal dumpster can be a pretty big job if you are manually picking up each piece, placing it into a wheelbarrow, and wheeling it into the dumpster. Concrete can weigh approximately 145 pounds per cubic foot.

When you have quite a bit of concrete, you may consider renting a track loader, such as a skid steer or Bobcat with a bucket loader. This type of heavy equipment can easily scoop up and dump the concrete into the dumpster. Then, if you need to level the land of any other debris after removing the concrete, the track loader can be helpful for accomplishing this. You can rent a track loader at most equipment rental businesses.

Also consider renting a dumpster to place all the concrete into for proper disposal. There are concrete recycling companies that will often pick up your concrete rubble for free and sell it to home construction and road building companies to be used as concrete rubble filler and a gravel filler for new concrete mixtures. This is a good way to keep the concrete out of the landfill and recycle it.

Safety Gear

Last, you will need to ensure your safety during the demolition with the right safety and protection gear. This should include eye protection, such as safety glasses, long sleeves and pants to protect your skin from flying shards of concrete, and heavy duty work boots to protect your feet from any falling chunks. Then, you will need to wear hearing protection if you are going to be using a jackhammer, as a jackhammer creates high decibels of sound that can cause hearing damage.

It is also a good idea to cover any nearby windows or the siding on your with plywood to prevent flying pieces of concrete from causing damage to the exterior of your home. You can also lay down plastic sheeting over the surface of the concrete pad, which also keeps down dust during the demolition.


5 July 2017