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Four Tips For Storing Your Landscaping Equipment

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Once the winter season hits, you are going to want to efficiently store your landscaping equipment. Since you won't need it during this time of year, you want to keep it safely packed away so it can be ready to use once spring arrives. Here are four tips for storing your landscaping equipment:

Drain the Fuel: Most landscaping equipment uses fuel for power. When you are ready to store it, you need to drain the fuel since fuel is extremely dangerous to store, especially in a storage unit. This can easily lead to an explosive fire in the right circumstances. On top of this, if the fuel leaks for whatever reason, it can damage other items that are around it. 

Make Repairs: If any of the landscaping equipment has small damages that need to be repaired, now is the perfect time to do this. If you leave the equipment stored while it is damaged, it can lead to more extensive damages that are more expensive to fix. You may even find that the equipment needs to be replaced once you are ready to take it back out of storage.

Clean the Equipment: Next, you want to clean the equipment with soap and water to remove all stuck dirt and other debris. This can cause a problem with smell in your storage unit, and it can even lead to the rusting of the equipment, mold growth, and other issues. If the equipment rusts, it is definitely going to need to be replaced since rust severely damages equipment and eventually leads to certain areas breaking off. 

Make Use of a Storage Unit: The best place to store landscaping equipment is in a storage unit versus your garage or shed. This is because storage units are climate controlled, which means your equipment is not going to become damaged from extreme temperatures. On top of this, it saves you a ton of space in your home for things you actually need. It also saves room for plenty of places to hide the holiday gifts from snooping eyes. 

When you consider these four tips, you can be sure that you store your landscaping equipment as efficiently as possible. You will be so glad you have done this since you can be sure that the equipment is ready to be used right away when the spring season arrives and you are ready to restore your landscaping. 


21 June 2017