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Six Ideas For Upgrading Your Office Space

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The design, set-up, and functionality of your office space affects everything from your staff's productivity to the impression you give clients who stop by for meetings. If you have some room in your budget to make a few upgrades around the office, the investment will likely pay off in the form of a more functional, productive, and appealing location for your business. Here are six great ways to upgrade your office space:

Upgrade to Ergonomic Chairs

Switching from basic office chairs to high quality ergonomic chairs shows your staff you care about their comfort and health. When a chair is designed to be comfortable, provide spinal support, and aid productivity, staff are less likely to feel fatigue, be distracted, and miss work due to achy muscles and headaches. In fact, studies have shown that incorporating ergonomic office furniture, especially chairs, into your workspace reduces absenteeism and increases employee satisfaction.

Switch to Smart LED Lighting

Instead of harsh fluorescent lighting, upgrade to warm, soft LED lighting. LED lighting comes in a variety of styles to complement your office design, including everything from dramatic light fixtures to understated recessed lighting. Smart lighting can easily be controlled from your smartphone, allowing you to dim the lights when appropriate, such as during presentations, and utilize different lighting color schemes for any task.

As an added bonus, LED lighting is very energy-efficient, and the bulbs last for many years, so you will easily recoup the upfront expense of this upgrade.

Create a Mix of Work Spaces

While open concept work spaces, including long shared work tables, continue to grow in popularity, focusing only on these shared, collaborative spaces can be a mistake. For many tasks requiring high levels of concentration, privacy, and quiet is important for allowing your staff to focus.

For more introverted team members who find the constant buzz of outside conversation distracting, having a quiet space to get away and work for a few hours can greatly improve their productivity. The key is to design your office with a good mix of collaborative spaces and quiet cubicles or private offices. This way, staff members can focus whenever they need to, but also have plenty of opportunities for collaboration.

Add Soundproofing Panels

If your office is located in a noisy building, or on a busy street with a lot of traffic and construction noise, the constant din can be very distracting for your staff. Luckily, you don't have to move offices to address this issue. Instead, have soundproofing acoustic panels installed throughout your office. These fit over existing walls and ceilings and absorb excess noise to provide your staff with a more tranquil and quiet workspace.

Amp Up the Natural Light

Natural light has been shown to have a positive impact on workplace performance, creative problem solving, and overall productivity. Take advantage of this fact by amping up the natural light around your office. Remove heavy window coverings, instead choosing blinds or lighter curtains that can be left open during daylight hours. If bookcases or other furniture block any of your windows, rearrange your furniture a bit to let as much natural light in as possible.

Add a Touch of Green

Adding potted or hanging plants throughout the office not only makes your office more beautiful, but it also has additional benefits. In addition to improving office air quality, plants have been shown to increase feelings of well-being and contentment. Adding a bit of greenery throughout the office is an affordable and simple way to boost office morale, which can easily translate to improved productivity.

By incorporating these upgrade ideas into your office set-up and design, you will create an office space that inspires your staff to do their best and makes people feel happy to come to work and attend meetings.


12 June 2017