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Ensure Success With Your New Fraternity Using These Prep Steps

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Starting a new fraternity is a lot of fun, but some planning and preparing are necessary if you want to enjoy success both short and long-term. Here are some prep steps you can take before launching your new fraternity that should help ensure the success that you're looking for:

Establishing a Core Function

One of the most important things you can do to ensure the success and longevity of your fraternity is to establish a core set of functions that the club will stand for long-term. If your fraternity doesn't stand for any cause or goal, it will be tough to maintain momentum when it comes to keeping members engaged and committed. People want to feel like their making a difference in the world based on their beliefs, even when having fun is the main principle for their decision to join a fraternity.

And by establishing a core function for your fraternity, you'll attract members who are like-minded and will most likely get along in a team environment as the group grows. Before starting your new fraternity, take some time to create a set of guidelines that outlines your group's core beliefs and goals that you'll work toward. If you are interested in animal welfare, your fraternity should focus on fighting for animal rights and working to get others within your college community to understand the importance of what you're doing.

If you want to focus on social issues and work toward creating a more understanding and open-minded college atmosphere, your fraternity should be geared toward social justice tasks and liberation movements. After you've set up your core function outline and guidelines, format the information so it can be printed as a manual and handed out to prospective members who are interested in joining your fraternity. And the manual can be utilized as a rulebook by active members.

Designing the Fraternity Brand

What's a fraternity without a brand? Your fraternity needs to be easily recognized by members and non-members alike. This will not only make attracting members easier as your fraternity ages, but it will also help establish your group as a leader of your core function and people will be more likely to take you seriously. Plus, members will appreciate being a part of an elite group of people who use special hand signs and wave distinct flags.

So, it's important to take the time to design a custom fraternity flag that can be used as the visual representation of your group. The flag can include specific colors and design you're adopting to label your fraternity, as well as a slogan or trademark that sets you apart from the other fraternities. Have one large fraternity flag made that can be hung in front of your clubhouse or official meeting quarters, and have miniature flags made for each member of your group, such as by Bob's Flags, so they can represent the establishment in their cars, at home, or even when hanging out with friends.


6 June 2017