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Protecting Your Company And Understanding Your Liability - Questions For Your Commercial Auto Insurance Agent

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If you own a business that requires a fleet of vehicles, it's important that you have an understanding of the liabilities that come with that fleet. While vehicle ownership can be extremely convenient, it can also pose challenges that you need to be able to handle in order to secure your company's financial future.

A serious auto accident could put things at risk that you've worked for for almost all of your life. In order to ease your mind over those concerns and make sure you have the best coverage possible, you should seek out the answers to the questions below. Your commercial auto insurance agent can give you the answers you need to guarantee the outcomes you deserve.

Ask About Uninsured Drivers

In some cases, the risk to your business and your property might come from outside forces rather than your own responsibility. If one of your vehicles is damaged in an accident by a driver who isn't carrying sufficient insurance, you could be fighting off skyrocketing replacement costs and spurious legal actions simultaneously.

Be sure to ask your auto insurance agent about your options in uninsured driver coverage. In some cases, you might even be smart to attempt to expand that coverage, as the risk of damage to property in your vehicles may be high enough to be considered.

Ask About Individual Liability

When your employees are on the clock and behind the wheel of one of your commercial vehicles, you're bound to absorb a great deal of the liability should an incident occur. However, if that incident occurs due to bad behavior or negligence on the employee's part, it's also important to shield yourself as much as possible.

Some commercial auto insurance policies offer provisions that shift some of the responsibility onto the individual operators of vehicles involved in accidents. Be sure to check with your agent about your policy, and consider building a greater liability shield for yourself.

Ask About Bundling Options

Rather than simply paying multiple insurance premiums to multiple companies and being discouraged by the potentially high costs, there are steps you can take to help guarantee you can keep those premiums down. In many cases, insurance companies offer substantial bundling discounts, and multiple commercial policies may be even more attractive. Your commercial auto insurance agent can work with you to secure various kinds of coverage that can protect your assets and help guarantee that your short term expenditures stay under control.


1 June 2017