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Providing Your Laundromat Customers With Beneficial Amenities

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If you just opened your own laundromat business, it is likely you wish to retain as many customers as possible so you get repeat business. There are several amenities you can provide to make those who frequent your establishment comfortable with their stay, as well as helpful features to make laundry washing and drying efficient. Here are some additions to consider adding to your own business to make customers likely to come back.

Provide A Snack Area For Visitors

If you have a spot dedicated for customers to utilize for enjoying snacks, they will be likely to stay on the premises for a longer duration. This in turn could mean more money in your cash register as customers will bring more clothing to wash and dry if they know they will be able to get a bite to eat when desired. Provide tables and chairs, as well as a vending machine for customer usage. Snacks and drinks can be purchased with coins or dollar bills, making it easy for those visiting to grab something to consume without having to track down an attendant to do so.

Make It Easy To Purchase Detergent

Make sure to have a variety of laundry products on hand to be sold to those who visit your business. Many people forget to stop at the store first to grab detergent, or they may not wish to haul around a large bottle when they are doing laundry. A coin-operated dispenser can be placed inside of your laundromat for customers to select their favorite detergent brand from the products provided. Selling laundry dryer sheets and fabric softener as also best as those visiting will be able to avoid juggling several containers and will hold out and purchase them from you instead.

Do Services To Free Up Customer Time

If you provide washing and drying services on the premises, your customers will be able to leave the building to tend to other tasks as you handle their cleaning needs. Make sure you have a sign posted within view of the front entryway alerting customers you will wash and dry their laundry for them for a small service fee. A flat-rate can be charged per load or for the amount of time it takes for you to do the washing, drying, and folding of the clothes given to you. This is a great feature many of your customers will be happy to try if they do not have the time to do their laundry themselves.

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31 May 2017