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Suggestions For Handling Calls After You Apply For A Job

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When you get represented by a staffing agency and the agency applies for an administrative job on your behalf, you'll anxiously hope to receive a phone call from a prospective employer. Before you start thinking about the job interview, it's important that you're adequately prepared for this call. The initial phone call serves as your first opportunity to create a positive impression with the person who may soon be your boss, and you don't want a simple oversight to jeopardize that impression. Here are a number of phone-related considerations to keep in mind as you wait for the phone to ring.

Redo Your Voicemail Message

Not everyone has a professional-sounding voicemail message, which is fine when you're largely getting calls from friends and family but not good if a prospective employer will be calling you. Listen to your voicemail message to evaluate it. If it's not professional in nature, it's time to record a new greeting. This way, if you aren't free to answer the phone, the prospective employer will hear a professional greeting. Something as simple as stating your name, apologizing for not being available, and asking the caller to leave a detailed message so that you can return it promptly is the right approach.

Pick Up Only When Appropriate

If your phone rings and you see the name of the company to which you're applying on your screen, you might be eager to answer the call right away. Before doing so, however, it's advisable to consider whether you're in the best position to talk. For example, if you're in a mall, the background noise might be distracting to you and the employer. Similarly, if you're riding on public transportation, there's a chance the call could get dropped if you travel through an area with poor reception. Even if you're eager to talk, the right approach can sometimes be to let the call go to voicemail.

Keep Certain Documents Handy

It's ideal to have a copy of your resume and the job description in front of you when you take the call from the employer. This may mean keeping a copy of these documents in your purse or pocket or in a few locations throughout your home. Having these things with you will help you to reference your skills and how they might relate to the job description. While you won't go through a formal interview on the phone in all likelihood, being prepared in this manner is favorable.

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29 May 2017