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Should You Issue ID Badges To Your Employees?

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In today's litigious environment, protecting your employees' safety on the job is more important than ever. And while certain industries can pose more physical dangers than others, the risk of harm from an undetected intruder or disgruntled former employee can be present even in low-impact office environments. Could identification badges for your employees help keep them safe and your business secure? Read on to learn more about some of the benefits and potential drawbacks of employee ID badges, as well as how you can get started if you decide to issue these badges to your workers.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of employee ID badges?

Employee photo ID cards can have both safety- and non-safety-related advantages. From a safety perspective, being able to tell at a glance who "belongs" in an employees-only area -- and for employee ID badges that are electronically coded to unlock doors, allowing your employees to maintain a secure area can be key in minimizing the risk of workplace violence. Your employees will also be able to identify themselves to clients and customers, increasing your legitimacy among the local community.

From a business perspective, allowing customers to be on at least a first-name basis with your employees can create a sense of familiarity, and if you don't have a strict dress code or employee uniform, your customers may be made more secure by being able to easily pick out your workers from a crowd. 

Employee ID badges carry few disadvantages, but it's important for business owners not to rely solely on these badges to make their building secure. Would-be burglars or intruders can sneak in behind an employee with a badge or even ask to be let in, so you'll want some backup safety mechanisms (like security cameras or strictly-enforced visitation policies) to avoid becoming complacent.

How can you get started with ID badges?

If you're planning for these badges to be for identification purposes only, you'll often be able to have them printed at low cost at a local print shop. You'll need only to provide digital copies of your employees' relevant identification information, paired with pictures, and the copy shop will do the rest. 

ID badges with an electronic signature (such as the badges that will allow users to access a locked space) will need to be custom-ordered along with the security devices. This allows these ID badges to be immediately programmed and paired upon installation. 


26 May 2017